Savory Sweet Potato Toast

I’ve always loved toast.  I loved it WAY before it became a hip breakfast that restaurants now charge eight dollars for.  Occasionally growing up my brother and I would spend nights at my Grandma’s home if my parents were busy or out of town.  Aside from my love of the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups I’d receive when she picked me up from school, a favorite time for me was 6:30 AM at Grandma’s.  She’d wake Henry and I up, we’d stumble into our school uniforms, then groggily march up the stairs for some morning cartoons…with a side of as much english muffin toasting bread and butter as we could stuff into our little sleep crusted faces.  Occasionally Henry and I would throw some cinnamon sugar on there, but for the most part we just devoured endless pieces of perfectly crisp toast and butter.

Since those days I’ve recognized the importance of a more well rounded breakfast, and I know that white toast with butter won’t be enough to fuel me through training and life.  So I’ve expanded.  I now have 100% whole wheat sourdough with almond butter and banana.  I’ll throw some greek yogurt on there, and top with figs and chia seeds.  Or I’ll do pecan butter (you have to try it) with greek yogurt and blood oranges.  And today, I tried a mashed roasted sweet potato mixed with rosemary, maple syrup and sea salt.  With a side of slow cooked scrambled eggs, this was the perfect way to start off the week.

The key to making this a quick breakfast is to roast your sweet potato the night before.  And to already have a loaf of incredible sourdough in your pantry.  While the toast is toasting, you slowly cook the eggs and simultaneously reheat your sweet potato.  The whole thing comes together in 10 minutes, and is a sure fire way to make you feel fancy on a Monday.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSavory Sweet Potato Toast 

Serves 1

The Stuff

1/4 cup roasted sweet potato, skin removed

1 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary

2 teaspoons pure maple syrup

Salt to taste

2 slices favorite sourdough (or really any kind of high quality bread)

The How

This is a really simple recipe (easy enough to do while you’re still nursing that first cup of coffee).  Slice and toast your favorite bread.  Reheat sweet potato in microwave for 30 seconds in a small bowl.  Add rosemary, maple syrup and salt to sweet potato mixture, and mash until thoroughly combined.  Spread on top of your toast…and that really is it.  Decadence meets simplicity.

Slow Cooked Scrambled Eggs (a narrative)

Crack eggs (I do three) into a small bowl and whisk.  Heat a well seasoned cast iron (or alternatively a non stick) pan over low heat.  For every egg you are cooking, add one teaspoon of butter to the pan. Once butter melts, pour eggs into pan.  Stir softly (but constantly) with a spatula. Like the tenderest meat, you want to cook these babies low and slow.  This can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes, so be patient!  The result will be creamy and delicious eggs.  Once almost done, remove from heat and let the eggs finish cooking from residual warmth.  Serve along side your sweet potato toast, and you have a perfectly balanced breakfast.

Other times I’ve put stuff on toast…

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