I never understood why really good hummus was so expensive in the grocery store.  The ingredients list was often quite minimal, yet the price tag occasionally ventured near the double digits for small batch stuff (i.e. the good stuff without any unnecessary additives). So I decided I’d make my own.


And then I understood why good hummus ran a relatively steep price tag…the labor.  To get the ethereally smooth consistency you expect and deserve, you need to de-skin the garbanzo beans (I tried this recipe skipping the peeling step, and it just wasn’t the same). I read that if you started with dried chickpeas and after soaking cooked them with a touch of baking soda that helped the process.  But if you were in a I-need-hummus-right-now kind of way, then you definitely didn’t have time for the 3 hour soak and hour and a half cook.  So I dove a little deeper and found that to ease the process you could rinse the canned beans under cool water, pat dry between two paper towels, and then the skins would slide right off.

Which they did- but it still took 10 minutes (9 minutes and 59 seconds actually).  I’m not normally one for exceedingly fussy steps–and de-skinning garbanzo beans most certainly qualifies as fussy–but for this hummus I will do it.  Plus, think of all the great things you can do while de-peeling.  Call your mom, watch half an episode of the office, let your toe nails dry after a fresh coat of polish, listen to your favorite podcast, or simply enjoy the methodical task of de-skinning.  I’m even imagining a “peel-off” with my boyfriend next time he asks for this hummus (which will be tomorrow at the rate we go through it).


And for your patience you are hugely rewarded.  Because after the de-skinning, the whole thing comes together in 3 minutes.  13 minutes for healthy homemade hummus (say that three times fast) that won’t cost you a large hunk of your food budget for the week?  Count me in.



(because no one has ever said Hummus without an exclamation point insinuated).

6 snack sized portions

the stuff

1 can garbanzo beans, peeled (see above for how-to)

½ cup well stirred tahini

2 tablespoon olive oil

2 garlic cloves

2 tablespoons lemon juice (about half a very juicy lemon)

1 tablespoon honey

¼ teaspoon each cumin and turmeric

¼ cup +1-2 tablespoons if necessary (for blender)

¼ teaspoon sea salt + couple grinds black pepper

the how

Combine all ingredients into a blender or food processor (preferred, but I’m holding off getting one of those until I make the move to Boston for law school.  The car is already going to be way too full of cooking things).  Blend until smooth, adding the additional tablespoon or two of water if your blender is having trouble or you just want a little thinner consistency.

Place in an airtight container and enjoy with anything– carrots, tortilla chips, spread atop bread/pita/crackers, eat by the spoonful…my boyfriend even said today that it could take the place of peanut butter (which got me thinking about a recipe I’ll be saving for the cookbook).

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